Two Simple Letters

video-poem / EN / 2min 34sec



Official selections & screenings
The Enclosed Garden #2
Heroines Wave virtual exhibition
March 2020: in a messy and apocalyptic world, what happens if your mind is egoistically obsessed with your love life, if you start searching for potential lovers via dating sites?

Some might not react to your messages, although you can see them online, probably insufficiently stimulated by your profile. Others agree for a walk, if it does not rain, Saturday afternoon or next Tuesday. That does not sound promising. Often, almost always, communication stops for no obvious reason, although we are still online. Attention and curiosity disappear. Will they all remain virtual fantasies?
Thanks to the Internet, multiplied screens are our new fragmented windows to the outside world. Connected with anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, isolated. Alone and lonely in a room.

Through a vocal and visual poem, here is a deconstruction of some thoughts in the form of short sentences that one uses to arrange a meeting with a stranger. Hesitant and polite, "two simple letters" imply permanent insecurity, modesty, timidity — avoiding to offend or frighten the interlocutor. To put a lighter tone on this self-ironic situation, there is a conscious use of playful pop-elements, both with sound and color effects.



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