Mirror Box

Competition for light design


Experimental space


This project was born from the idea of uniting some mechanisms, playing with natural light as part of our daily lives. Almost like a labyrinth, it is surrounded by a garden and closed by four high walls to ensure meditative focus, as a spiritual journey that allows the visitors to see and feel. Facing their own thoughts, fears, hopes and moods, they explore different environments. With a modular system of squares, endless paths are possible to combine.
Considering that you can light up a room in three different ways (from bottom, side, and top), one can explore these resources by playing with the reflections (mirror), colors (materials and nuances), and architecture (structure).
The Mirror Box symbolizes the moment when visitors find each others for a break, after the first half of their journey. This is the place where they share their impressions. Natural light is filtered by transparent walls, floors and ramps which are reflected in mirrors and the pool on the bottom. The aim is to question the optical illusion of total visibility: even if you can see everything, you can still be lost.

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