M O D E L S 

Music Conservatory, Braga

Former municipal Market of Caranda


Ivana M.
Elaine N.
Mathilda H.
Michelle T.
Morgane W.
The main object of this analysis was to discover one architect by visiting most of their creations.
After choosing to explore Eduardo Souto de Moura’s philosophy, the research was done in multiple steps, including:
- a collection of relevant literature
- a subjective experience with a trip to Portugal
- a model of one selected project
- a detailed presentation about the history of the building and the urban context
- a short video illustrating the poetic spaces



Common Gardens, Nancy

Plan d'eau de la Méchelle, Rive droite


Aline C.
Maxime G.

As an equipment that can promote gardening with a larger public, the imagined space is a place of meeting and exchange, situated in front of a stadium, directly next to the river.
Following the criterias of ecological architecture, the building contains an administrative zone, a multifunctional hall,
a common kitchen, and twenty private boxes for the gardeners.

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