V I D E O 

A Line Is Not A Line

video-poem / EN / 5min 30sec



Awards & Screenings

Award "Significant Achievements", Alternative Film/Video Festival (Belgrade, 2021)

Kino Klub Split: Discursive Program “U Kvadrat” (Split, 2023)

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"A LINE IS NOT A LINE" is not a line, but a false-romantic video-poem that is probably — just like any other line — not aligned with your expectations.
Looking at the current sociopolitical context on the global scale, we might wonder where exactly do we stand with extreme ideologies, values, rights, opinions, and other similar big words. Starting from a cheesy love letter addressed to an individual, this visual essay plays with the word "line" mainly by using fragments of the first Non-Aligned Movement conference in Belgrade in 1961. Melting these images with complementary aesthetics found in short clips from that period, many cognitive disturbances occur, despite joyful tones.


video-poem / FR / 1min



Awards & Screenings

International Expanded & New Media Triennal (Belgrade, 2022)
International New Media Art Festival Videomedeja (Novi Sad, 2022)
The One Minutes Foundation Series / Het Nieuwe Instituut; edition curated by ikkibawiKrrr, screened at Hortus in Nijmegen (NL, 2023)

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What is real and what is not?

Inspired by various topics related to Nature & Technology, this 1-min video-poem brings another approach to the simulation theory: what if we are all parts of a cosmic video-game? Is there any way to prove the contrary? Is there even a rational method to differentiate real from fake, and who can claim if fake is, indeed, fake?
Meanwhile, what we understand as Nature melts in front of our eyes by loosing its own definition — a definition set by humans. What if the object that we, humans, tend to call "Nature", is not at all the Nature as we understand it?

Finally, is there any rescue plan in case Nature continues to react with ecological changes towards our anthropocentric disrespect?

Infimes Détails: Un Film, Deux Tailles

video-poem / FR / 6min 6sec



Awards & Screenings

40th Alternative Film/Video Festival (Belgrade, 2022)
26th Rencontres Internationales Travers Vidéo (Toulouse, 2023)
70th Martovski Documentary & Short Film Festival (Belgrade, 2023)
25th VideoEx International Experimental Film & Video Festival (Zürich, 2023)

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Progression of 122 words through their sound and meaning, pared with 60 found footage clips from 1950s TV-commercials. Each of the inserts appears twice as a pattern of déjà-vu cognitive associations, evoking a multitude of emotions from banal dailiness, flashbacks, or behaviors, slowly leading us from one particular feeling to its opposite.

L’Amour Bleu

music video for Piège-à-Filles / 4min 13sec




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First video-project born after discovering found-footage, while thinking about mysterious thoughts that each woman keeps somewhere deep inside her mind. Being objectified and minimized to her physical appearance or behaviour,
a woman has the power to decide what, how and why she acts like she does.

The main idea of this visual journey was to explore the feminine psychological labyrinth of souvenirs, concerns, emotions, mental escapes, pleasures, ideas…
Something like a diving introspection that hides like a fish in the sea.

 C O L L A G E 

fragments of analog cuts 

Fe/Male Enigmas

 S O U N D 

 W O R D S 

Filmed Documents: From Lost To Found

(article for Senses of Cinema)

Streaming On The Shores Of Steaming Landscapes

(essay based on Timothy Morton's concept of Queer Ecology)

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