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Female Enigmas

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A Line Is Not A Line

video-poem / EN / 5min 30sec



Awards & Screenings
Award "Significant Achievements", Alternative Film/Video Festival (Belgrade, 2021)

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"A LINE IS NOT A LINE" is not a line, but a false-romantic video-poem that is probably — just like any other line — not aligned with your expectations.
Looking at the current sociopolitical context on the global scale, we might wonder where exactly do we stand with extreme ideologies, values, rights, opinions, and other similar big words. Starting from a cheesy love letter addressed to an individual, this visual essay plays with the word "line" mainly by using fragments of the first Non-Aligned Movement conference in Belgrade in 1961. Melting these images with complementary aesthetics found in short clips from that period, many cognitive disturbances occur, despite joyful tones.

L’Amour Bleu

music video for Piège-à-Filles / 4min 13sec




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First video-project born after discovering found-footage, while thinking about mysterious thoughts that each woman keeps somewhere deep inside her mind. Being objectified and minimized to her physical appearance or behaviour,
a woman has the power to decide what, how and why she acts like she does.

The main idea of this visual journey was to explore the feminine psychological labyrinth of souvenirs, concerns, emotions, mental escapes, pleasures, ideas…
Something like a diving introspection that hides like a fish in the sea.

La Rive Virale

video-poem / FR / 4min 00sec


Paul Partout


Official selections & screenings

The Film and Video Poetry Society
(Los Angeles, 2020)

Fotogenia Festival for Film Poetry and Divergent Narratives
(Mexico, 2020) / FINALIST

International Video Poetry Festival
(Athens, 2021)

International Migration & Environmental Film Festival (Toronto, 2021)

Superposition of maritime semantics — integrated into the informatic vocabulary — and oceanic images, inviting to meditate on our position to cyber-intrusions in our dailiness.

Offering a wide choice of words evoking natural phenomena or activities that we tend to exercise in physical reality, the maritime semantics is essentially integrated into the language of the computer network. In a total immersion of varied data that consumes our concentration and attention rate, it becomes increasingly difficult to sort and prioritize the accumulated online content. Some is visible, other blends into a bottomless ocean. Faced with an unlimited number of options, the "Fear Of Missing Content" is a real danger towards ephemeral opportunities. At the same time, it becomes difficult to protect and secure your personal data.
In a context of environmental impact, digital pollution contributes to the saturation of spaces and memories. The number of submarine cables, stretching thousands of kilometres, is constantly increasing. Our external hard drives stack up like our memory boxes that we only open when we move out. Questionable manufacturing methods of the devices that we use are another challenge for the ecological balance.



Millusions - The Mill of Illusions

temporary video installation / Festival des Lumières, Lyon (FR) / 1min


IAE Lyon
Hochschule Wismar


Instituto Cervantes, Lyon (FR)
Within an anamorphic 3D image Mill constructed with neon lights, we tried to evoke the various illusions that man faces: physical, mental, sentimental, optical and geometrical.

So what could be more true, than to represent the unreal through cinema?
Whether Don Quixote chasing windmills, Scottie in Vertigo who sees Madeleine everywhere, the bohemian life that thrills the characters from Moulin Rouge, or Romy Schneider as Odette, who haunts her insanely jealous husband in Inferno...
All of these characters are in some kind of illusion, or an illusion to somebody else.

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