video-poem / FR / 1min



Awards & Screenings
International Expanded & New Media Triennal (Belgrade, 2022)
International New Media Art Festival Videomedeja (Novi Sad, 2022)
The One Minutes Foundation Series / Het Nieuwe Instituut; edition curated by ikkibawiKrrr, screened at Hortus in Nijmegen (NL, 2023)

Inspired by various topics related to Nature & Technology, this 1-min video-poem brings another approach to the simulation theory: what if we are all parts of a cosmic video-game? Is there any way to prove the contrary? Is there even a rational method to differentiate real from fake, and who can claim if fake is, indeed, fake?
Meanwhile, what we understand as Nature melts in front of our eyes by loosing its own definition — a definition set by humans. What if the object that we, humans, tend to call "Nature", is not at all the Nature as we understand it?
Finally, is there any rescue plan in case Nature continues to react with ecological changes towards our anthropocentric disrespect?

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