A Line Is Not A Line

video-poem / EN / 5min 30sec



Awards & Screenings
Award "Significant Achievements", Alternative Film/Video Festival (Belgrade, 2021)
Kino Klub Split: Discursive Program “U Kvadrat” (Split, 2023)

"A LINE IS NOT A LINE" is not a line, but a false-romantic video-poem that is probably — just like any other line — not aligned with your expectations.

Looking at the current sociopolitical context on the global scale, we might wonder where exactly do we stand with extreme ideologies, values, rights, opinions, and other similar big words. Starting from a cheesy love letter addressed to an individual, this visual essay plays with the word "line" mainly by using fragments of the first Non-Aligned Movement conference in Belgrade in 1961. Melting these images with complementary aesthetics found in short clips from that period, many cognitive disturbances occur, despite joyful tones.

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