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Collège de la Craffe

Anciens instituts de mathématiques et physiques


Monograph of a building rarely cited in specialized literature,
belonging to a pre-established period and located in a specific context.

2012 / FR / DIN A5 / 45 pages


La Mémoire du Passé

Art & Architecture


Short analysis on parallels between the architecture of Daniel Libeskind and the videos of Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, via common concepts of memory and past.

2012 / FR / DIN A5 / 79 pages



Histoire de l’Architecture


Critical analysis through various texts and images of a famous edifice of choice, represented as a symbolic masterpiece.

2011 / FR / DIN A5 / 94 pages



Wellblechfabrik und Verzinkerei Grohmann & Frosch

Historical analysis about the Stelzenhaus building,
situated in the industrial part of East-Leipzig.

2014 / DE / DIN A5 / 79 pages



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