Miljana Niković
M.A. Architecture
Based in Berlin
Fluent in four languages

Detailed curriculum vitae
& specific portfolios on request.

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Born in the early nineties,
in the capital city
of a country
previously dissolved.

Grew up in Helvetia,
graduated in a French educational system, obtained a scientific high-school degree
with a major in mathematics.

After studying architecture
in France and Germany,
gained professional experience
as a workplace strategist
and a project coordinator
for building permits.

Currently working as a PhD candidate
on archival-artistic research
about historical perceptions
of cultural and collective memories
through filmed cities.


Started dreaming as a child, 
expressing emotions and thoughts
via texts, drawings,
or by playing piano.

Discovered photography with film
but introduced to digital camera early on,
before choosing a single-lens reflex.

Sometimes using a low-budget disposable.

Passion for cinema.
Need for poetry.
Wondering if imagination
is melted into reality,
and if we do live, after all,
in a computer simulation.


Initiating and co-founding
a francophone poetry collective
with thematically curated
public performances.

Simultaneously engaged
in various non-profit cultural associations
mainly combining architecture,
contemporary art, and literature.

Often commissioned as a photographer
to document public or private events.
Assisting with translations, illustrations,
voice-overs, interior design, film sets.
Occasionally portraying people or places
for an online magazine.

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